The TransForm TANTRA Journey . . .

Transform VISION! Transform WORK! Transform LIFE! Transform TANTRA! The unique start up that adventures in the domains of Content, Consulting & Consciousness. Join in to share the excitement! 🙂

Why the name TransForm TANTRA?

The TransFormation process is our inspiration!
A caterpillar transforms to a butterfly. How about a human being becoming a butterfly? Check out the ZEN master Chuang Tzu!

The word TANTRA has deep meanings.
TAN means to extend, enhance, upgrade, expand, increase …
TRA means to protect, secure, defend, reinforce …
Think of words like VasTRA, ShasTRA, MiTRA and of course … swaTANTRA, lokTANTRA and TANTRAgyan! And so TransForm TANTRA!

Disclaimer – Chai Beedi!

On this Transform TANTRA web site, we refer to a lot of books as references with direct links to where you can buy those books! If you buy any of the books, you might have bought us a chai-beedi!

It might earn us some money – we do not know yet – but that is NOT our main business! We linked it that way because that is the best way to link! Any case a chai-beedi or black coffee is on us anytime you feel like! And we look forward to that for sure! 🙂 

TransForm TANTRA works in …

TransForm TANTRA works in wide open spaces! A creative boutique that offers custom-made, bespoke solutions in a wide range of domains – all are about PEOPLE!

Yes! We enjoy & specialize in working on challenging assignments which are unique and demand out of the box approaches. These could be in Human Resource or in Individual or Social Development areas and surely in creative, content related – media or social media.

The TransForm TANTRA Way to Work!

At TransForm TANTRA we simply work with people. Founded by Sandeep Apte, this start up specializes in three domains – Consciousness. Consulting. Content. Apparently! In real terms the process is the same! Actually musical! See below … and chime in!

How we do it

We make it a SIMPLE PROCESS …

One ...

We look at people as PEOPLE. Not just as HUMAN RESOURCES. We take a ‘PEOPLE BASED’ approach to work & life situations that simply works! Try it!

Two ...

We speak the language of PEOPLE. No fancy ANGREZI jargon! We tug at the heart and NOT just the head. That works best & works wonders!

And Three ...

At TransForm TANTRA, we create & design simple processes to INVOLVE people. Akin to any simple song or story! Discover how! Get involved now!

The TransForm TANTRA Scroll of Honor

Let’s work together! It would be wonderful to CUSTOM DESIGN a special program for your team!
And we would be privileged to feature you with some of our clients in the TransForm TANTRA SCROLL OF HONOR!


Do not hesitate! Write in! Right NOW! TransForm TANTRA shall get back to you within 24 hours. Usually much sooner! Please make sure you leave your number – so we can call you right back! And we shall keep the chai ready
– or black coffee if you insist! 🙂

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