TransForm TANTRA Content!

Life is cinema unfolding in 3D and even more dimensions! At TransForm TANTRA, our team of artistes script and create memorable moments for all sorts of screens! As the Lights shine and the Cameras roll …

TransForm TANTRA Content!

A simple, awesome IDEA! THAT is the starting point. From the concept to creation to that magic moment when your creation is actually playing on all sorts of screens. TransForm TANTRA Content does all that as a PROFESSIONAL PROCESS. Content that actively, engages and involves your viewer. We bring alive the spectrum … from television to cinema screens! Come! Let’s create some memorable new moments and images together! 


Ideas make ALL the difference! Strategic & Creative ideation! Creating concepts. Story Ideas. Generating novel ways of expressing and crafting such ideas.



TransForm TANTRA specializes in research. Give us a subject and the green signal. Very quickly, we shall create a COMPREHENSIVE research dossier! Try it!


Our team of professionals shall take care of the actual shooting of a project. From production design to actual creation of images and sounds! We do it all!


We launch the project with a well orchestrated campaign. And also take care of every aspect of promotion online and in real time!


TransForm TANTRA precisely pin points your online presence subtly aiming at your target audience. We UNDERSTAND social media well!


We bring alive the spectrum …
From the big cinema screen to television, laptops, tablets and your mobile device as well!

TransForm TANTRA Content – PROJECTS!

At TransForm TANTRA, our team is currently working on THREE MAJOR PROJECTS. All based on authentic research which has been on for many years. Please take a sneak peek…

Forthcoming Attractions

Some of the exciting projects from TransForm TANTRA Content …

The Raj Kapoor Web Series

The true icon of Hindi cinema. Tracing the footprints of the STAR Actor-Producer-Director-Editor. The FOUNDER of R.K. Films & Studios. The Raj Kapoor Web Series explores the creative process of the showman in depth – an endeavor to discover the secret ingredients that created the Raj Kapoor magic!

The Raj Kapoor Web Series

Raj Kapoor! That name spelt magic in India and across the globe! It still does today! In fact, Raj Kapoor’s way of creating films has been the default template for generations of film makers. What are the key distinctive CREATIVE elements in the Raj Kapoor school of making films? We explore this creative process of cinema IN DEPTH – in the Raj Kapoor Web Series … Concept & Direction: Shivam Nair

The Shankar Jaikishan Web Series

Shankar Jaikishan redefined the role of the song in Hindi films. A unique instance of cinematic history, the MUSIC and SONGS of Shankar Jaikishan became the STARS that captivated audiences for decades! The Shankar Jaikishan Web Series celebrates their musical compositions …

The Shankar Jaikishan Web Series

Shankar Jaikishan! The film music maestro duo created some of the finest music in Indian cinema! Songs that are hummed even today. Songs that defined a wide, wide range of emotions while touching the hearts of millions. What are the secrets of the SJ Musical Saga? 

The Shankar Jaikishan Web Series is a melodious journey that explores the life and work of this all time great musical duo! Inspiring stuff! Concept & Direction: Sandeep Apte

The Vigyan Bhairav TANTRA Web Series

The Vigyan Bhairav TANTRA is one of India’s greatest treasures! The definitive collection of meditation technologies! The Vigyan Bhairav TANTRA Web Series brings them alive for the world to see …
Please take a good look at the resplendent, radiant peacock for now …

The Vigyan Bhairav TANTRA Web Series

You can SEE the peacock feathers. 
Your EYES can SEE the peacock feathers. 
Your EYES have that POWER and so can SEE the peacock feathers.
All in glorious color!

What is the way to behold the POWER by which your EYES CAN SEE? The Vigyan Bhairav TANTRA Web Series explores such Consciousness Process Technologies in their glorious power … JOIN IN! 
Concept & Direction: Sandeep Apte

TransForm TANTRA Content!

From just an idea to just any screen! At TransForm TANTRA we help you transform your concept into memorable moments of images and sounds! From feature films to television to tablets to mobile devices to online web & social media presence – we create content across all media! Try out TransForm TANTRA! Get in touch!

Words & Images! Signs & Symbols!

Do you have a concept in mind? At TransForm TANTRA, we have the PEOPLE! That rare team with talent – to TransForm your concept to reality! Our team of professionals will assist you on everything from the research to writing to production …

Putting it plainly, we CREATE content for all sorts of media. Or in today’s lingo for all sorts of screens! From paintings to web sites to cinema on the big screen!

Get in touch and let us do something exciting together!


Do not hesitate! Write in! Right NOW! TransForm TANTRA shall get back to you within 24 hours. Usually much sooner! Please make sure you leave your number – so we can call you right back! And we shall keep the chai ready
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