Behavioral Event Interviewing

Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) is the flagship program of TransForm TANTRA. Make sure that your selection panel has trained and qualified people.

The TransForm TANTRA BEI program ensures that your organization is making informed selection decisions based on documented evidence. The BEI PROGRAM is a MUST all your KEY people in Leadership, Recruitment, Human Resources.

The Behavioral Event Interview (BEI)

Behavioral Event Interviewing is THE cutting edge selection process. The focus of the BEI goes beyond knowledge & skills and looks at competencies – and that simply WORKS BETTER!


About the BEI Program

“Tell me something about yourself!” If you are still using such ghisa-pita methods, then your selection process needs to TransForm and switch to the BEI RIGHT NOW! 

Your interview methodology cannot be vague. It needs well defined points of FOCUS. For all you know,  your selection panel may be taking BIASED key people decisions based on subjective impressions alone.

You need a precise, robust process which DOCUMENTS the interview and helps you to make well INFORMED decisions based on actual INTERVIEW DATA.

Get your team trained in the BEI RIGHT NOW!

Behavioral Event Interview (BEI)


Let’s face it! Finding the right person for the right job is NOT easy! And mistakes are EXPENSIVE!
The Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) helps you take WELL INFORMED decisions …


Behavioral Event Interview

Are you selecting the RIGHT people? NOT SURE? 
You need to create a selection panel of qualified interviewers. Who can conduct Behavioral Event Interviews CONFIDENTLY and consistently.

After that you can surely take transparent and well INFORMED selection decisions. 100%!


Competency Based Selections

The Behavioral Event Interview is based on a robust competency model. You define the criteria for selection. And FOCUS sharply on those characteristics.

TransForm TANTRA helps you work with your competencies clearly and efficiently. Most important – with the Behavioral Event Interview, your selection decisions are CLEAR, based on real data and well defined criteria!


Hired the WRONG people?

After you hire the WRONG people – they rarely will quit on their own! And if you try to fire such people, you send the wrong signal to your ranks!

STOP ALL THIS once for all. Hire people using the best practices. You can be 100% assured that you are taking INFORMED decisions based on hard data using a competency based selection process. Still thinking?


The Behavioral Event Interview Process

The Behavioral Event Interview is the most robust yet precise interviewing process. Behavioral Event Interviewing generates a wealth of information which gives you deep insights about the person.

Switch to the BEI NOW and take well informed decisions for hiring, selection, performance management, career and succession planning through Behavioral Event Interviews.

The BEI Process – A Talent Process Template

Manage talent in an PROFESSIONAL manner! The TransForm TANTRA Behavioral Event Interview program establishes a process of recognizing and managing talent in your organization. Create that team of PEOPLE experts who will lead that people process today! The best investment you could make!


Conduct Behavioral Event
Interviews (BEI ) confidently.

reliability Across the Panel

Develop a process of bringing
inter-rater & inter-panel reliability.


Informed Selection DecISions

Take competency based hiring
& ‘people’ growth decisions.

Behavior Anchored Process

Practice the process of ‘Behavior’ Anchored Discussions.


Create a Process Template

Develop a standard process template for conducting BEI’s.

Shared Understanding

Consistent, shared understanding of
the competency framework.

The BEI Program Process Steps

Broadly, the learning curve of the BEI training program has THREE key steps. Akin to a judicial process – of gathering & examining evidence, weighing it and arriving at clear decisions based on your judgment!


Interviews and Competencies

Understand different types of interviews thoroughly.  Develop a SOLID understanding of your organization’s competency model.


Conduct ACTUAL BEI Interviews Confidently

You will CONDUCT actual BEIs during the program from Start to Finish! Yes! You will use your competency framework in detail to rate & score.


Clear Decision Making using a Process

No ambiguity no fleeting impressions. You will take clear decisions based on actual, hard DATA! The robust process works wonders. Tweak it as you go!

The Behavioral Event Interview Program Highlights

The TransForm TANTRA Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) program is 100% practical. As we said before – almost judicial! You shall systematically learn to actually conduct cases of REAL, LIVE BEIs! 🙂

Program Highlights

  • Uses your Competencies
  • Custom Designed
  • 100% Practical
  • Conduct REAL LIVE BEIs

Why does the BEI program need TWO DAYS? You might wonder!
The TransForm TANTRA BEI program actually helps you LOOK at people DIFFERENTLY. You shall learn to look at DEMONSTRATED ACTIONS.

That involves a completely new way of looking and LISTENING. A change of perspective! To use an judicial analogy, you actually follow the process of weighing evidence It also helps you actually gather evidence like a judge!
And of course, you arrive at verdicts … actually decisions which are based n hard evidence.

In brief, it is the finest professional methodology to select talent.

The TransForm TANTRA BEI Track Record

For over two decades, the TransForm TANTRA has conducted the custom designed BEI program. 100s of organizations have found it effective simply because they now clearly know the basis on which they are selecting new talent. Yes! We have certainly trained just about 8000 participants!  Sure enough, we have lost count of the number of chai’s! 🙂

BEI Certifications


Cups of CHAI! 🙂


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