The TransForm TANTRA Caregiver COMMUNITY

Caregivers play a KEY ROLE in the treatment of mental illness. When a caregiver plays this noble role, the caregiver needs to be understood AS A PERSON who is doing something SPECIAL! Let’s do that TOGETHER!

Caregivers are SPECIAL, gifted people! 

Being a caregiver can be a DIFFICULT task.

It is IMPORTANT for good caregivers to take care of themselves physically and emotionally. That happens even better when you know that you are not alone. And works even better when you are in the good company of good CAREGIVERS! 

Being a caregiver has some unique benefits – priceless gifts that are impossible to get otherwise! Don’t believe it? Read on! 🙂 

What makes Caregivers SPECIAL & gifted? 

The lessons are life are best learnt from LIFE itself! Caregivers experience life in a very special way. Where they are tested at every step and that very process strengthens them … let us find out more about it TOGETHER!

Priceless Gifts!

Caregiver – the word itself is new to India.

However, the concept of caregiving is as old as the hills! Or as old as the family! Being a family based society, most people with a mental illness live with the family. Usually, one member of that family takes care of this loved member and is the main caregiver.

Often, caregiving can appear like a thankless task. However, if you can just pause and reflect for a moment you would find that it is NOT! On the contrary, being a caregiver has some unique benefits, priceless gifts that are impossible to get otherwise!

The caregiver’s FOUR priceless gifts!

Often ignored or taken for granted, caregivers gain in strength by the very act of caregiving. With time, this special experience of life can forge the right attitude – that meditative approach to life that comes naturally!
Let us find out how! And celebrate that together!


You are the CRITICAL link!

Without this CRITICAL link, of the caregiver, mental health is difficult, in fact next to impossible.

The caregiver actually DELIVERS the mental health process, nurtures and brings it alive for the patient taking care of every little need. And when you do that well, you are on course to guiding the patient on the road to recovery, better health and happiness! Remember, this is very special! 


You get COURAGE!

You may not believe this! There would have been a time when you were UNPREPARED to handle the situation. Many pay a price & let it take a toll.

You LEARN with experience to UNDERSTAND the situation it in its totality. Often unknowingly, you build the courage & confidence to take on almost any difficult situation in this world! Think it over! 


You learn to be PATIENT!

Caregiving can appear like a thankless task. Hours, days, months and years can pass by making you wonder – would this arduous situation ever end? Remember, YOU CREATE moments of happiness amidst all the chaos! As the little boat of life drifts amidst the waves … you PAUSE when the water is still. To behold the sun! A special moment that you create! C’est la vie!

One of the most valuable virtues you could ever imbibe! In today’s world of mouse clicks and smartphone swipes – PATIENCE IS A RARE GIFT! Remember that!


The MEDITATIVE attitude!

Seeing a problem as an opportunity to stay COOL. Undisturbed. Calm in the rough sea! Making sense of what appear to be absurd even crazy situations.

You become ripe for a meditative experience of life! Where your consciousness accompanies you at every step, with every breath so to speak!


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