Leadership & Team Building Programs

The TransForm TANTRA signature Leadership and Team Building Programs
are all about PERFORMANCE!
And are sensitively CUSTOM DESIGNED to WORK for YOUR TEAM.

Leadership & Team Building! 🙂

At TransForm TANTRA we TUNE Teams! Like you tune a turbo engine or an ensemble of fine musical instruments. Let’s conduct that magic tuning act for your team! It yields great results and is a lot of fun!



Every TransForm TANTRA Leadership & Team Building program is UNIQUE! CUSTOM DESIGNED for your team to create an impact on the entire team as a whole as well as on every individual. We draw on a colorful canvas using a range of elements from outdoor adventure to theatre to neuroscience! Exciting Stuff!


How BIG or SMALL is your Team? Size matters! 😉

TransForm TANTRA works with teams of FIVE people to 500 plus! Annual off sites to strategic meetings. We facilitate them all with a smile! With the same passion and competence and have proven it every time.


Boardrooms & Beaches

TransForm TANTRA Leadership & Team Building programs work their magic in Boardrooms & also on Beaches!

Helps people ventilate their minds and explore OUT OF THE BOX ways of working. Like we enjoy getting a virtual team of Global Project Managers of different nationalities to work & play in the same space and on the same page! Let’s create that SPACE for your team! NOW!


Tapping the CHILD within!

At TransForm TANTRA we ALSO work with children. We love that awesome challenge to work with kids who have not been so lucky in life! Nothing absolutely NOTHING, can match the value of those innocent smiles!  Priceless!

Now you would know why working with teams of corporate executives can be a breeze! Agree?

The TransForm TANTRA Scroll of Honor

Let’s work together! It would be wonderful to CUSTOM DESIGN a special program for your team!
And we would be privileged to feature you with some of our clients in the TransForm TANTRA SCROLL OF HONOR!


Do not hesitate! Write in! Right NOW! TransForm TANTRA shall get back to you within 24 hours. Usually much sooner! Please make sure you leave your number – so we can call you right back! And we shall keep the chai ready
– or black coffee if you insist! 🙂

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